Company profile

Date of foundation November 28, 1969
HQ office location 2062-1 Nagakubo, Nagawa, Chiisagata, Nagano, Japan 386-0602
Phone number + 81 - 268 - 68 - 2123
FAX number + 81 - 268 - 68 - 3871
Business portfolio
  • Sales and import/export of plastic molding, processing, assembly and related products
  • Design, making, sales and import/export of molds
  • Consulting and engineering services of plastic molding, processing, assembly, and mold design & making
Capital JPY 10,000,000
Banks of account Hachijuni Bank (Maruko branch)
Board members

PresidentMasayuki Nakahara

DirectorTakefumi Nakahara

DirectorTakuya Nakahara

Company auditorTsutomu Nakahara

Management Philosophy

Since its founding, we have strived to be a company trusted by all our customers and local communities. To further fulfill its social responsibilities, we set the management policies based on the following philosophy.


Our corporate management as a limited company
must be for "Society," "Employee," and "Shareholder."

Management Policy

  • 1. Stable business
    We keep pursuing to be a company where all our employees can work satisfactorily.
    We comply with relevant country laws and regulations, conducting business with high ethical standards.
    We provide products and services that are useful to society, growing together with our business partners and local communities.
  • 2. Customer satisfaction
    We operate our business while putting customer satisfaction first.
    We strive for a stable supply of products while focusing on compliance and understanding the customers’ needs and requirements.
  • 3. Environmental conservation / Sustainability
    We strive to facilitate and improve workplaces where all our employees can work comfortably.
    We conduct environmentally conscious initiatives to reduce the risk of environmental damage.
    We strive for highly efficient use of environmental resources.
    We establish a sustainable organizational structure that includes strengthening information and cybersecurity measures.

President Masayuki Nakahara

Company history

November 1968 NAKAHARAJYUSHI KOUGYO established as Individual proprietorship
November 1969 NAKAHARAJYUSHI KOUGYO CO.,LTD. Established with JPY 2,100,000 in capital
August 1984 New head factory completed
February 1995 The capital increased to JPY 4,200,000
April 1996 The capital increased to JPY 8,400,000
February 1997 The capital increased to JPY 10,000,000

Present day

Please feel free to contact us!

tel +81-256-68-2123