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Located in the central region of Nagano, Japan, NAKAHARAJYUSHI KOUGYO CO.,LTD. stands on a hillside looking up a vast landscape of Utsukushigahara Highlands, Kirigamine Highlands, and Tateshina Mountain in the south, while overlooking Yoda River that then joins Chikuma River in the north. Across from our building, a heritage site of Nagakubo-jyuku Shukuba on Nakasen-do, an ancient post towns dated back to the Edo period has been preserved to pass on the history of how people lived through the ages.
Influenced by rich natural, cultural and historical surroundings, we work responsibly in every stage of production, starting from plastic processing technical R&D, prototyping, mold making, injection molding (one-color, double-color, robot-automated insert molding), secondary processing (paint, silkscreen, plating, welding), assembly to delivery.

With our core principles of “environmentally conscious monozukuri (art of making goods),”
“a half-step ahead solution to customer,” and “more efficient and stable monozukuri,”
we strive to supply better and higher quality plastic products for customers through our build-up process by making proposals of suitable raw material selection to mold structure design based on the information received from customer such as its intended use and project details.

At NAKAHARAJYUSHI KOUGYO, each employee shares following workplace culture:
multi-angle and diverse perspectives,
new innovation, creativity, kaizen (improvement) into our work,
competitive differentiation in every single process from R&D, manufacturing, shipment to delivery,
customer-oriented monozukuri

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