• Sales and import/export of plastic molding, processing, assembly and related products
  • Design, making, sales and import/export of molds
  • Consulting and engineering services of plastic molding, processing, assembly, and mold design & making

Department of plastic molding

We have been expanding our mold design/making capacities both within domestic and overseas (China, Taiwan, South Korea) to match with each product characteristics.

We will make proposals to customer for optimal mold design including runner and gate positions based on the result of our flow analysis.

Project development flowchart (example)

Project development flowchart (example)


We make a quotation for you after hearing details of the product, its intended use, characteristics, budget, etc. Utilizing our know-how and experiences, we will actively suggest ideal options to realize your product, and how the cost of mold and unit price can be reduced in either case of manufacturing within Japan or abroad.

2.Mold design

In order to build up the most ideal product for our customer, each team member from marketing, product design, manufacturing, and quality control engages to ensure a clear understanding of "what customer needs" and "what customer requirements must be met" and to add on values, ideas, and know-hows we have cultivated.

3.Manufacturing and shipment

We operate up to 24 hours/day to meet customer demands ranging from small lot to large lot.
Our strength is steady and speedy supply of product, through consistent arrangement covering from molding, secondary processing, assembly to delivery (export).

4.Quality Assurance

Our top priority is to ensure quality assurance that meet all customer requirements.
Based on preliminary study, establishment of standard operation procedures and data collection, we support with our quality assurance system and thorough manufacturing responsibilities to achieve customer satisfaction.

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